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Heiry Calvi Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The Doral Police have arrested Heiry Calvi for having improper contact with one of her students. Since the news has been released, she has been put off her work and maybe in jail.

Authorities say a Miami-Dade teacher had inappropriate contact with a 15-year-old kid and was caught with a gun on school grounds; therefore, she faces significant changes.

According to police, the investigation exposed photos and text messages on the student’s phone. Calvi is now facing two felony charges: lewd and lascivious violence and harmful electronic transmission to children.

Who Is Heiry Calvi? Doral Teacher Arrested

Heiry Calvi is a teacher from Doral who recently came into the limelight for sexual contact with her 15-year-old student.

She was also found with a firearm within the school ground. Heiry Calvi has been arrested and will be facing more than 10 charges against her.

Calvi is the third South Florida instructor to be charged with inappropriate behavior with a kid this week.

When the Department of Children and Families filed a complaint, Doral police began their investigation seven months ago. Calvi was then kicked out of school.

How Old Is Heiry Calvi? Age Explored

The alleged pedophile Heriy Calvi is at the age of 41 at the time of the incident. Taking her age into account, she must be born in the year 1979.

The alleged occurrences, according to Miami-Dade Schools, occurred off-campus. Calvi had worked for the district for 20 years and had never been disciplined.

The victim she harassed was shared to 15 years of age, who is 26 years younger than her.

Heiry Calvi Arrest Charges: Is She Pregnant?

Heiry Calvi, the pregnant teacher, is charged with crimes against pupils by authority, child negligence with no serious physical harm, and having a handgun on school grounds.

According to Miami-Dade jail records, allegations include a sexual and lascivious battery, authority figure violations against children, child maltreatment, possession of a firearm on school grounds, and contributing to a kid’s delinquency.

The Doral Police Department has also charged her with Lewd and Lascivious Battery, among other things.

Heiry Calvi Family & Facebook Details 

No details have been followed up about the Heiry Calvi family. Her facebook seems unreachable at the moment.

We guess she deleted her Facebook account before the arrest. Her news is all over Facebook, and her unsuitable acts trigger many people.

Her family, none have been in contact with the news. As the situation stands, they may not be willing to share their details.

Where Is She Now: Is She Going To Jail?

As of the moment, Heiry is currently under arrest. Most of the charges placed upon her are shifting her to a position where she can end in jail.

The police department has interrogated the 15-year-old boy, he revealed their relationship to consensual, and not much force was placed upon him. 

She won’t need up with a harassment case, but she will be facing charges against child maltreatment and possession of a firearm on school grounds.

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