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Mandurah Diakhoumpa Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Mandurah Diakhoumpa, aged 21, drugged one of the top DJ in South Africa, DJ Dimplez. Find out the reason for this unpleasant act.

Mandurah Diakhoumpa is the individual who first accused Dj Dimplez of taking advantage of her.

Dimplez good reputation has been stained by the accusation of Mandurah Diakhoumpa. Many of Dimplez’s fans are surprised and still can’t believe that he will go for something like this.

The news is big, which led to Mandurah Diakhoumpa’s profile being a trending topic. Let us discuss each and every detail regarding her which will help you to know at the deepest level.

Who Is Mandurah Diakhoumpa a.k.a. Mam Diarah?

Mandurah Diakhoumpa is a South African model who was accused of rape by DJ Dimplez.

After the news became the headline of many celebrity news channels, Dimplez’s fans are demanding for her arrest.

Mandurah Diakhoumpa a.k.a. Mam Diarah Age

Mandurah Diakhoumpa’s age is currently 21 years old.

An article on ghgossip revealed the actual age of Mandurah. She was born in 2000. Though her birth year is revealed, her birthday is yet to come forward.

Mandurah is just 21 years old, but the act she has done to Dimplez is hard to believe. 

Mandurah Diakhoumpa Instagram

Mandurah Diakhoumpa is active on Instagram under the name of @kinkyextrovert.

Currently, she has 9,169 followers on her account. She has only 9 posts on her current account, but sadly, her profile is private for now.

Mandurah mentioned that this account is a new one. We looked for her previous Instagram but there were no traces of it online. Her Instagram revealed that she was a full-time model.

Furthermore, as per her Instagram bio, she is a brand ambassador of a company whose name is not disclosed for now.

Mandurah Diakhoumpa And DJ Dimplez Case

Mandurah Diakhoumpa came to the spotlight after she was alleged of abusing and raping Dj Dimplez.

According to news24, Mandurah Diakhoumpa made people believe that she was pregnant with Dimplez’s child. She also said that he told her to abort the child as it was a lockdown and he doesn’t have enough money. 

But after Dimplez filed a report, she recently uploaded a video on her social media account and explained how she used different drugs to make Dimplez high. 

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