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Simon Gittany Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Simon Gittany’s horrifying act on his girlfriend Lisa Harnum has been a nightmare for all the people holding Australian nationality.

Simon Gittany is an ex-businessman who is best known as the murderer of Lisa Harnum.

Mostly considered as the cold-blooded murderer, Simon Gittany’s tarnished image makes him a notorious killer in Australia.

After facing multiple trials and investigations, a judge has finally made his verdict.

However, his bandits and many of the authorities are not satisfied with Simon Gittany’s punishment. For now, Let’s take a spin on the life of Simon Gittany and explore his inner traits in detail.

Simon Gittany Nationality And Family

Simon Gittany holds Australian nationality.

According to Freesimon, Gittany was born in Australia. Though the exact place and location are not known, it was mentioned Gittany spent his childhood with his siblings in Australia. 

Talking about Gittany’s family members, there are few details on them.

After the death of his fiance Lisa, Simon was spotted with his girlfriend Rachel Louise, who has been protesting for Simon’s justice. But it seems Simon is not in contact with Rachel at the moment.

Not only Rachel but Simon’s whole family are against the accusations and are demanding Simon’s justice. Mostly his parents and sisters are trying hard to get him out from the swamp of allegations.

However, he has been found guilty and will be facing 18 years in prison. 

Simon Gittany Religion And Ethnicity

A detailed discussion on Simon Gittany’s religion and ethnicity has not been made.

He seems to have Australian ethnicity. As there is no history of his religion, he is assumed to be Christain for now.

Simon Gittany Wikipedia Explored

An Australian-born Simon Gittany is a murderer of his fiance Lisa Harnum.

Before his name became notorious, Simon was a shoe importer. He was doing great with his career and having a luxury life back then.

Talking about Simon’s criminal history, his name was listed on the Criminal books in 1991.

Simon was charged with actual bodily harm and arrested for the act. Likewise, Simon was again caught with missing goods and assaulted two detectives. All of these incidents are before the murder of Lisa Harnum.

Where Is Simon Gittany Now?

Simon Gittany is in Australia lately.

Recently he was found guilty of the murder of his fiance Lisa Harnum.

Simon will be facing a minimum of 18 years in prison and will be eligible for parole in 2031.

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