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André Sauvé Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Professional comedian André Sauvé is currently involved in Mental health awareness along with his comedy shows on different social platforms. 

André Sauvé is a Canadian professional comedian and occasional actor. He is known for his amazing sense of humor and his work in movies like File 13, Race time, and others. 

Andre has always been a great personality, and he has a lot of fans all over Canada and the united states.

Also, he has many upcoming shows in the united states, which can be seen on his website

He is a famous personality, so as expected, people are always keen to know more about him as an individual. To be precise, people are eager to find out more about his personal life and its details. 

Who Is André Sauvé Conjoint? Details On His Family

There is no information regarding the wife of André Sauve. 

Indeed, there are not even any specific pieces of information to confirm that he is even married. 

Andre does not speak much about his personal life, even his possible partner, wife, or any of his family members. 

Considering this, finding out information regarding his life is a bit challenging. Also, he is not on social media like Instagram; there are even fewer details. 

Whenever he is seen, he majorly talks about his upcoming shows, and at other times, he is in his ongoing show. 

André Sauvé Age And Wikipedia Explored

André Sauvé’s age appears to be somewhere around 55 years old. 

However, his exact age or date of birth has not been revealed yet. Based solely on his appearance, his current age has been estimated as mentioned. 

Regarding Wikipedia, he is not yet on the platform despite being a renowned humorist in Canada. 

There are a few sources that provide information regarding him on the web. Hence, we have extracted some major details. 

As mentioned, he is a humorist, comedian, and occasional actor with a few Tv projects

He has thousands of followers of his amazing show, and he does have a huge audience. 

What Is André Sauvé Net Worth?

There are no precise details about the net worth of André Sauvé. 

However, considering his long life experience and fame, he must have a pretty decent net worth. 

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