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Clare Brown Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Clare brown TikTok currently has a massive fanbase with 183.7k followers. Continue to explore more about the rising TikTok personality.

Clare Brown is a popular TikTok star.

She keeps engaging her fans and followers through her short comedic skits.

Recently, Clare has been in media highlights after she posted a TikTok video based on racial microaggressions. 

Clare’s video has been viral on TikTok and admired by internet users for making a heartwarming educational video based on racism along with the comedy on it. 

Who Is Clare Brown TikTok?

The new viral star Clare brown is active on TikTok as @clarabellecwb.

Clare started using TikTok this February but now in June Clare’s has been followed by huge followers of 183.7K. Along with this, her TikTok videos in total have received 9.7 million likes.

Furthermore, her educational and viral videos have been viewed nearly 2 million times.   

Moreover, in her recent viral video, she has acted on racial microaggressions in opposition to the white peoples. She has posted comedy skits showing what it would be if white peoples face discrimination like other peoples experienced on a daily basis. 

Clare said to The New York Times that she came up with this racism-related video idea last year during the protests of Black Lives Matter. 

Clare Brown Age: How  Old Is She?

Clare Brown’s age is 35 years old.

However, Clare hasn’t revealed her actual date of birth yet. 

She currently lives in Central Virginia. 

Clare Brown’s Family And Race

Clare Brown’s family includes her two cute kids (daughters) and husband. 

We can easily find her daughter and husband’s pictures on her Instagram.

According to her surname, Clare seems to be of the White race or European American. 

However, there isn’t any information available about her parent’s detail and race. 

Is Clare Brown On Instagram?

Clare Brown’s is active on Instagram as @clarabellecwb.

Until today, she has been followed by 28.2k followers and following only 2,360.

Moreover, Clare keeps regular posts on Instagram, as she has posted more than 2500 times. 

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