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Gavanndra Hodge Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Gavanndra Hodge? Gavanndra is a professional writer who has kept her husband at home to take care of the children. 

Gavanndra Hodge is a freelance writer and an author.

She has written many books till now and has worked for many different newsrooms. She is also a journalist. 

Gavanndra has written articles and news for The Telegraph Magazine, the Times’ Luxx magazine, and The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ magazine.

Gavanndra Hodge Wikipedia Bio

Gavanndra Hodge’s career is full of works that are related to writing. 

She had a long 20-year career as an editor. She was a journalist for many different magazines and newspapers. 

Some of them are the Independent on Sunday, the Evening Standard, and Tatler. In Tatler, she was deputy editor and acting editor.

But now, she has retired from journalism and has become a freelance writer and an author. 

Her first book is The Consequences of Love, and it became one of the most popular books. 

Gavanndra Hodge Age: How Old Is She? 

Gavanndra Hodge’s age is estimated to be around 30-40 years old. 

She has yet to revealed her date of birth, but she may want to keep it a secret. 

Who Is Gavanndra Hodge Husband? Her Family Details 

Gavanndra Hodge is married to her husband, Mike Higgins. 

The couple is blessed with two children, Hebe, and Minna Higgins. Details about Mike are still yet to be cleared, but he is working for the government organization. 

Hodge and Higgins share that parenting duty and Hodge seem to be too strict about the routine, according to one of the interviews

What Is Gavanndra Hodge Net Worth?

Gavanndra Hodge’s net worth is still yet to be revealed.

Looking at her success as a writer, we could say that she might have a good amount of fortune. 

But the details of her assets are yet to be found. 

Yes, Gavin Hodge and Gavanndra Hodge are related as father and daughter. 

Gavin was considered one of the famous hairdressers and also a drug dealer. He had a pretty bad name among the public, and that lead to Gavanndra a traumatic life. 

The book she wrote is based on her life and explains her struggle. 

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