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Joost Oomen Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Author-poet Joost Oomen has not disclosed his partner or wife’s name and is supposedly in a relationship as of now. 

Joost Oomen is a writer and poet. He was interested in writing, music, and poetry since a young age. 

Oomen is a versatile writer and has dabbed his hand into both novella and poetry. He is also a performer and theatre-maker. 

Further, he has already written two collections of poetry and a novella. His first novel is Het Perenlied

Oomen’s chapbook, The Sun When It Falls (De zon als hij valt) was published in 2016 by Wintertuin Uitgeverji. Its Italian translation was released in 2021. 

Joost Oomen Partner- Is He Married?

Joost Oomen is not married. But, the writer has an unnamed girlfriend. 

According to de Volkskrant, Oomen went to a writing residency in Sluis, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen to focus on his novella. 

During his time at the residence, he was occasionally allowed to use the phone to call his girlfriend. Other than that, there was no distraction. 

He remained at the residency for a month and finished most of his novel during this time. He had a strict routine at the residency which helped him focus on the task at hand. 

He did not use a laptop but wrote his books by hand so he would not be tempted to use Facebook and Instagram. 

How Old Is Joost Oomen? Age Explored

Joost Oomen’s age is 31 years old as of now. 

He was born in the year 1990 in De Bilt. But, he was raised in IJsbrechtum, a village at the edge of Sneek.

Nonetheless, his exact birthdate is still unknown and we are not sure when he celebrates his birthday. 

Joost Oomen Wikipedia- Does He Have Autism?

It’s unsure if Joost Oomen is autistic or not. There is no evidence to prove this fact.

Furthermore, Oomen’s father is a doctor. The hospital where his father worked was swamped with covid cases during the pandemic. 

He fell in love with music when he was young. His love for music acted as an anchor that brought him to poetry. 

He played drums in a band and the two guys were constantly fighting in the group. Getting tired of the quarrels, he focused his attention on something that was related to rhythm. 

That is how he got into poetry. 

In 2013, he was appointed city poet of Groningenfor two years. Today, he is a known poet, organizer, and performer. 

Once, he got a free beer from a bartender in café De Bastaard in Utrecht, because the bartender had read his novella. 

He said he wanted to be known in every pub of the Netherlands after the experience. 

Who Are Joost Oomen Parents?

Joost Oomen’s parents’ names and identities remain anonymous. 

But, his father is a doctor. His specialty is unknown, however.

Likewise, Oomen’s mother’s profession also remains unknown as of now. 

What Is Joost Oomen Net Worth?

Joost Oomen’s verified net worth is not yet recorded.

However, he must have earned thousands of dollars from his performances, poetry, and novellas. 

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