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Who is Maia Knight? What is the TikTok star’s real age? Here’s the reason why she’s trending all over Tiktok.

Maia Knight is a professional TikToker. She is from the United States.

Maia has 2.3 million followers on her Tiktok account and gets millions of views on her videos.

The TikTok star has thousands of followers on Instagram. She also has a small business called @namesfrogood.

Maia has found a way to best the Tiktok algorithm and show up on the feed of millions of Tiktok users.

How Old Is Maia Knight TikTok? Age And Height 

Maia is an American Tiktok star. Her actual age and height are not known, but as of 2021, she is speculated to be 25 years old.

On one of her Tiktoks, she mentioned that she was born in the year 1996 but exact details were not spared. Her height is approximately 5’4 inches.

She is a force to reckon with on the platform. The new sensational star was able to gain millions of followers on Tiktok just in a matter of few hours of being on the app.

People seem to love her videos with her children. She has amassed a lot of views with her videos.

Does Maia Knight have Twins & Boyfriend?

Maia is a mother to 2 beautiful twin children. Details regarding her boyfriend or partner are not available at the moment.

People call her the Tiktok mama. She has two twin daughters. Their names are Violet and scout. Both of her cute daughters appear in many of her Tiktok videos.

The videos with her daughters in it seem to gain millions of views on her page.

People on Tittok seem to love Maia’s videos. Views on her Tiktoks speak for themselves.

Maia is trending on Tiktok due to multiple reasons. One main reason is her content. She posts videos of her life as a young mother to 2 twin children. Many find it interesting.

She posts about the fun times and also the hardships of raising 2 children.

The next big reason is the twins themselves. People on the internet love kids and the silly and adorable things they do.

So when there are twins in the mix, the videos grab double the attention. 

Meet Maia On Instagram

Maia’s Instagram hanlde is @maiaknight12496

She is also popular on IG with a following of more than 156,000 followers. She has tons of pictures of herself and her children.

There are pictures from the time the twins were born to their journey till now.

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