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Paige Sandhu Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Paige Sandhu is well-known as the actress who has been playing the new character, Meena in the popular television series named Emmerdale. She was only introduced in the show on September 24, 2020. As per her interview, she says that she has been loving to play the role of Meena in this popular television series. 

NamePaige Sandhu

If you are really willing to watch a series right now, Emmerdale is definitely worth to try and you will find out for yourself how talented this actress is. Talking about the show, Meena has been popular as the sister of Manpreet Sharma who is played by Rebecca Sarker. Although not much can be found about her on the internet, we have accumulated interesting facts about her below which is surely going to help you find a lot about her. 

10 Facts on Paige Sandhu:

Paige Sandhu’s exact age is not known currently but we predict that she is around her twenties currently.

Moreover, we have found out that she runs her own podcast named The Paige Sandhu Podcast

Currently, we have not been able to fetch her height, weight, and also other body measurements. 

Moreover, all we can say about Paige Sandhu’s parents is that they are probably Indians but we do not actually know their names. Also, there is nothing to discuss with her siblings right now.

Also, we have not been able to find out about her educational qualification. 

According to Simple News, she is based in London and thus, we can say that the nationality of Paige Sandhu is British. 

Since she was born to Indian parents, Paige Sandhu’s ethnicity is considered to be Indian-British. 

With around 2.4 thousand followers, Paige Sandhu can be found active on Instagram as @paigesashisandhu

Also, she can be followed on Twitter where she is active as @paige_sandhu and has gained exactly 2.4 thousand followers. 

Although Paige Sandhu’s bio cannot be read anywhere on the internet, we hope you have learned a lot about her after reading this article.

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