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Peter Nygard Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

A Canadian Fashion Executive, Peter Nygard’s net worth is a staggering $900 million as of 2021.

Peter Nygard was born in the early 1940s in Finland and immigrated to Canada in 1952. He rose to prominence as a fashion entrepreneur around the world. His current net worth is believed to be $900 million. His enterprise and reputation, on the other hand, have taken a knock as a result of charges of sex trafficking and sexual assault.

Nygard International, a design, manufacturing, and supply company, was formed in 1967 by Peter Nygard in Canada. In the years that followed, the corporation expanded to the United States. It swiftly became one of the world’s largest women’s clothing makers and suppliers after achieving international success.

Nygard stepped down as chairman of his company after the FBI raid on his Los Angeles residence and New York office in 2020. Nygard International declared bankruptcy in both the United States and Canada at the start of the year.

Peter Nygard Net Worth 2021

Peter Nygard was included among Canada’s top 100 wealthiest persons in 2015. He is ranked 85th with a net worth of $857,623,325 dollars.

Nygard International reported annual sales of more than $105 million from wholesale partners and nearly $110 million from retail and e-commerce platforms.

Peter Nygard’s net worth is currently estimated to be $900 million. He has at least two private jets as well.

Nygard has donated a portion of his fortune to charity over the years, including the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. He also donated to the Bahamas team of the Amateur Boxing Federation.

Peter Nygard: Wife & Children

He married a model for a short time in the 1970s. He claims she was his “ideal woman” who left him because he was “married to his profession” and would never spend time at home. They were only married for three years.

He has seven children from four women with whom he has had only brief relationships. He is, nevertheless, very close to all of his children and spends a lot of time with them in his Bahamas mansion.

Peter Nygard: Age 

Born in July 24, 1941 Peter Nygard’s age is calculated to be 80 years as of 2021.

Peter Nygard was born in the Finnish city of Helsinki. It’s unclear when he was born. It was either 1941 or 1943 at the time. Peter’s parents, Eeli and Hikka, were bakers who moved to Canada when he was a toddler in 1952.

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