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Ricky Merino Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Is the popular Spanish singer, actor, and presenter, Ricky Merino gay? Ricky Merino is best known as the competitor of the Spanish musical Television program called “Operation Triumph 2017″ or “OT 2017″ in short.  He has been active as an artist since 2011.

After he gained his popularity through OT 2017, he has released many solo tracks, performed solo concerts, and participated in several international tours. Recently, it has been officially announced that Ricky will be hosting the music competition program called “Let’s Sing” (” A Cantar”) which will be available to stream in Netflix from July 24, 2020.

Here is everything we know about Ricky Merino including his age, sexuality, wiki, and bio.

Ricky Merino Instagram

Our favorite singer, actor, and presenter Ricky Merino is active on Instagram. His Instagram name is “@rickymerino“. He posts several attractive photos and posts about latest events of his life.

Ricky Merino Net Worth Is Over $1 Million

Although Ricky is a famous pop star and does several performances worldwide, the net worth of this popular artist is not officially known. However, according to some sources, the estimated net worth of Ricky Merino is above $1 Million.

Ricky Merino Wikipedia and Bio

Ricky was interested in show business and singing from a very young age. He has also taken singing classes and theater training at the Teatro Ses Volte in his hometown Palma de Mallorca. He came to Madrid when he turned 18 years old.

Ricky completed his education in Madrid. He has a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Seville. He also has a Master’s degree in Creativity and Television Screenwriting from Rey Juan Carlos University.

Ricky Merino has been active in singing and releasing many solo tracks since 2011 but he rose to fame through Operation Triumph 2017. He is signed by Universal Music Spain agency.

He is among the most popular Spanish pop-singers and is famous around the world. Some of his notable singles and EP are “Lie To Me”, “Our Island”, “Perfect”, “My Way”, “Bestia”, “Think Positive”, and many more to come.

Ricky Merino Age

Ricky Merino was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on September 1, 1986. He is currently 33 years old. His full name is Ricardo Luis Urdiales Merino. His parents are María and Ezequiel Fernanda. He grew up with his two older sisters Arantxa and Clara.

Is Ricky Merino Gay?

Before moving on to other facts of Ricardo Merino, lets first clear out all your doubts about Ricky’s sexuality. Ricky has always been open about his sexuality since the moment he participated in Operation Triumph 2017.

He is gay and he takes pride in it. Ricky believes that an artist is defined by his personal talents and not by his sexual orientation.

Ricky mentioned that there are many other gay artists who do not disclose their sexuality to the public so as to not lose their female fan following. There are many girl fans who fall in love with the artists’ voice and their heterosexuality makes them even more attractive and popular. But for him, he wants to be true to himself and to his fans.

Ricky had also said that, when he performs various concerts and sees the girls who love his performance knowing that he is homosexual, then he appreciates that more even though the number of female fans is low.

On the occasion of LGBTQI+ Pride celebration, Ricky Merino also performed the official MADO 2020 anthem on June 26 along with other various artists including Agoney, Buika, Vega, and many more.

The information about the relationship status of Ricky Merino is not available yet. So, according to our records, he is currently single.

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