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Socksfor1 is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who generally streams games and posts vlogs on his YouTube channel. 

Socksfor1 is known for games such as Among Us, Minecraft, Roblox, etc. Sometimes, he plays random games with his friends. He is also known for trying and testing various modification packages for games. 

Socksfor1 posts challenge videos as well. He performs various challenges in games and posts videos on his YouTube channel. Quick Facts:

BirthdayOctober 11, 2000
Height6 Feet
Net Worth$23.08 million
YoutubeSockfor1, Socksfor2, Socksfor3

Socksfor1 is reported to have multiple YouTube channels like Socksfor1, Socksfor2, Socksfor3, and SocksStudios. His last channel SocksStudio does not have any content as of now.

There are various speculations on the purpose of the creation of the channel. 

Let us learn more about Socksfor1 and discover ten interesting facts about him. 

10 Facts On Socksfor1

Twitch Streamer Socksfor1’s age is 21 years old as of 2021. He was born in the year 2000 and celebrates his birthday on October 11 every year. 

Socksfor1 has multiple YouTube channels. His most famous channel is Socksfor1 with over 3.35 million subscribers. He started this channel on Nov 21, 2014. 

The real name of Socksfor1 is Nicholas. His last name is still a mystery for the internet. 

Nicholas revealed his face to his fans via YouTube and Twitch after his YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers. 

We can find Nicholas using Instagram under his username @socksfor1. He has over 188k followers and has posted just 15 times for his followers. 

There is no dedicated website to learn about wiki of Nicholas. We are trying to create his bio with these ten facts. 

Talking about his height, Nicholas has not revealed his actual height to the internet yet. Judging by his images, he seems to have a decent height of over 6 feet tall. 

Meanwhile, Nicholas’s dating history is also a mystery. Lack of information suggests he is single at the moment. 

According to an article published in the Net Worth Post, Socksfor1’s net worth is estimated at $23.08 million. 

 Major income sources for Socksfor1 include ad revenue from his youtube channel, sponsorships, etc.  

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